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“CancerFit® was a great find for me. I started in between medical treatments. Now CancerFit® is what keeps me active and I love the camaraderie and friendships involved in the program.” --M. Kent in the program since November 2012

“The best thing about CancerFit® is meeting such wonderful people, even though we are fighting cancer we persevere through a positive attitude and the friendships made at CancerFit®.” --D. Pierson in the program since April 2009

“CancerFit® was a great find for me. I started in between medical treatments. Now CancerFit® is what keeps me active and I love the camaraderie and friendships involved in the program.” --M. Kent in the program since November 2012

“I started about 15 months after finishing chemotherapy. I have lost 75 pounds. I now have increased energy; I can now hike and have even improved my balance thanks to CancerFit®.  The people in the group support each other and the instructor is great and always supportive.” --S. Lamothe in the program since September 2012

“I enjoy the camaraderie of fellow survivors. I am able to work at my own pace which is helpful with my cancer. CancerFit® has really helped my endurance and balance.” --K. Kachel in the program since October 2013

“Since finishing my medical treatment I feel more motivated and am a happier person thanks to CancerFit® and my Trainer Sandy. Thanks to CancerFit® I am able to share my most challenging times with a special group of people here at CancerFit®.” --E. Koleva in the program since January 2013

“What I find most beneficial is the support from the other members who are going through or have survived similar health concerns. It is also helpful to have the peer pressure of people expecting you to be at exercise.” --R. Arnold in the program since March 2013

"The classes provided by CancerFit® have really helped me to get my fitness back on track. I'm grateful for this program and all the wonderful people I have met. Our instructor is absolutely fantastic, a great motivator. Thanks to everyone at CancerFit® for making this program available."  --Karen S., breast cancer survivor

"I joined CancerFit® just a short time after a bone marrow transplant. It was only a beginning point of getting into shape after being at ground zero. After being inspired by CancerFIt®, I am now training to run a half marathon with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! I feel better than and ever and plan to stay that way!"   --Kim S., lymphoma survivor

"The spirit and support of the CancerFit® program helped me feel normal again, and not only normal, but blessed. Thank you!!!!"   --Kelley A., breast cancer survivor

"My being able to work out in the program allowed me to maintain my physical condition so I could work six hour days, stay in college working on my Bachelors in Accounting, and keep my house in shape. I am 42, a breast cancer survivor, who had a double mastectomy, four treatments of adrimiacin and cytoxin and four of taxol chemotherapy, four reconstruction surgeries and an oopherectomy. I was amazingly blessed to have been involved, this program rocks. THANK YOU!!! "   --Donna P., breast cancer survivor

"CancerFit® was there for me at a time when I needed them. As a breast cancer survivor who had completed surgery, chemo, and radiation I was at a loss of what was next. All of the staff at CancerFit® were so encouraging and the nutrition and fitness information and instruction empowered me to get back to "my life". A life full of hope and joy not one that was ridden with fear. Keep up the good work!"  --Leigh H., breast cancer survivor

"We all know that cancer is insidious. Living eleven years with cancer that has never really gone into remission is a test on you that nothing else can equal. Recurring cancer tests every element of your being; your physical being, your mental image, and your spiritual soul. If you can stand up to it you are one of the tough that get going. CancerFit® played a big role in my fight with two years of directed exercise."   --Ron K., Surviving Prostate Cancer

"I am fortunate. My prostate cancer was detected at an early stage through preventive screening. My surgeon was skilled and utilized the latest technology. The surgery was probably curative. But I was surprised by how drained I felt in the weeks after surgery and how slow my recovery seemed. I could not summon the energy to engage in many activities. Then I was referred to the CancerFit® program. The participants in the group cover a range of ages and similarly had a range of diseases, but all benefited by their participation. There is friendly social interaction during the sessions and is something to look forward to beyond just exercising. By participating with CancerFit®, I found an encouraging atmosphere and the motivation to help with recovery. I would recommend the program for everyone as an important part of treating their medical condition. It serves as an important factor for continued well-being. "   --Richard Loeffler, M.D., prostate cancer survivor

"I have attended CancerFit® classes for 1 1/2 years. I am 71 years old, a retired Air Force officer, retired Staff Engineer from Martin Marietta and presently work part-time as a contract federal investigator. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. As I rarely exercised, my health was not great; I gained weight and developed a lung disease of unknown origin known as Sarcoidosis. Since participating in the CancerFit® exercise program, my heath has greatly improved. I have lost 12 pounds, redistributed muscle mass, increased my energy level, my blood pressure has dropped, my lung capacity has increased and the Sarcoidosis has disappeared. As I never took the initiative to exercise alone, becoming part of an exercise group with similar experiences, led by a professional trainer, has provided an incentive to exercise regularly. I highly recommend this program to all cancer survivors."  --Jim J., prostate cancer survivor

"When cancer strikes it is a loss of control...loss of confidence in your body...loss of so many things. With exercise you are able to take back your strength...your energy...your life. That is what CancerFit® has done for me." --Robin H., breast cancer survivor

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