Common Questions about the CancerFit® Program

Is the CancerFit program open to anyone?

You may participate only if you have had cancer. It can be a current cancer diagnosis….or 25 years out. 

Can children with cancer participate?  

At this time, we offer our programs to adults only, with any type of cancer.

Can I safely exercise if I have lymphedema or neuropathy? 

Yes, you can. Both issues would be discussed and addressed in your assessment. No one has developed lymphedema in our program, and for participants with existing conditions, no one’s lymphedema has gotten worse. Regarding neuropathy, in most cases, it seems to get better with time.

Are the exercise classes offered twice a week aerobic classes? 

No, they are not. Every participant has the same components in his/her individualized exercise regimen (cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility), but everyone’s regimen is based on the results of their assessment and their goals. So each participant has a different regime to follow. The class warms up and cools down together; the exercise time in between warm up and cool down is spent with each person doing their own exercise program, with the guidance of an exercise physiologist.

What if I start and then have to stop in the middle of my program due to health reasons?  

We can always put your program on hold for medical purposes.

Can I continue to come to CancerFit® exercise classes once I complete the program?  

Yes, you can always sign up with the recreation center that you completed your program at and continue with the classes for as long as you wish!